Consolidating 3 brands into 1.

Owning 3 different brands offering similar products to similar target audiences was confusing and expensive to maintain. What the owner discovered through our early discussions was that we could achieve so much more by consolidating the 3 brands into 1 and putting all our focus here.

With existing data from all 3 brands, it would seem that we wouldn’t have to complete the branding discovery stage. On the contrary, we presented the owner with thought provoking questions and put together an eye-opening presentation of information together with a mood board, a visual representation of the answers provided by the client.


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Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy branding and photography

The logo typography chosen is traditional and classic, similar like that found in old books. Keeping the logo simple, clean and fresh, much like the products being offered. The only visual addition is a single drop above the letter “i”, representing a drop of essential oil.

The wording Botanical Alchemia that supports the logo strengthens its offering. The word “Botanical” – is as its name suggests, plus gives the notion of being natural. “Alchemia” signifies custom, mixing and explorative.

The packaging label design marries all the textures, colours and ideas of the original mood board plus the finalised logo in its chosen colour. All products have been taken out of their plastic container and into a brand new, environmentally friendly glass version. This is one of instil’s brand values, to reduce environmental impact with an aim for zero waste in the future.

Each product that sits on a shelf, will be a constant reminder of what the instil branding represents.

Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy branding and photography

Creating a wireframe of the website before any development helps us all focus on the features and functionality of the website before the branding is applied. It is at this stage we also discuss navigational structure keeping the various product categories into consideration, for ease of buyer journey throughout the website.

Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy branding and photography

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“Helen at McLean Multimedia designed all of my branding from a questionnaire, that at the time seemed to be some strange questions that got me thinking…but clearly she knew what she was doing! I’m so happy with the process from start to finish-the label design, the website & getting it up & running smoothly. Helen’s friendly, professional manner, creativity & vision is second to none.” – Jody Wood, Instil


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