User-experience paramount for website redevelopment project.

LANDAIR SURVEYS were looking to redevelop their website, taking it from an Adobe Business Catalyst platform to WordPress, as their current platform will cease to exist in 2021. This would not only enable them to update their website on a more regular basis, as currently the Adobe Business Catalyst platform is hard to use, they could also take this opportunity to improve other areas of their website during redevelopment.

The purpose of a wireframe.

By creating a wireframe of the current website, we had a clear overview of the areas we could create improvement during the redesign process. We presented a side-by-side current vs proposed wireframe, which included the proposed changes of both desktop and mobile device views. Only once this stage was complete could we begin on prototyping the website.


Focus on User-Experience
Website Re-Development & Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Enable SSL Certificate
Website Migration Plan

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One of the pain points was the difficulty in finding content using their current navigation layout. To get to any part of the website outside of the homepage could take up to 4 clicks instead of 1 or 2, at most. Therefore, a focus on making the site more user-friendly was paramount in the redesign. Other areas where user-friendliness needed to be improved were the functionality of the blog and gallery.

Search engine optimisation improvements.

In addition to user-experience, we fine-tuned the search engine optimisation on the website, so that the foundational on page SEO elements were included or enhanced throughout the website. We also tweaked specific page content so that it improved the quality score on the Google Ads landing pages. In doing so, it can help decrease cost per click and improve ad position in general.

Migration plan for rank preservation.

The other Search Engine consideration we made was the implementation of a website redevelopment migration plan. The aim for any site redevelopment is to minimise search engine ranking impact. With a proper migration plan in place, we were able to redirect all the pages and files where the URL path had changed, including all non secure http paths as we had enabled a SSL certificate to make the site secure as per one of Google’s minimum site requirements.

This project also allowed us to improve the overall design and take into consideration how much “mobile device” scroll we could reduce, and add a clickable contact phone number that was accessible from any page on the website.

Website handover process.

To wrap things up, we provided the client with a website handover guide (aka the website bible!) which includes the admin login details, parent and child themes used plus the necessary plugin list that must stay installed, together with a short description of what each plugin is used for. We aren’t huge fans of “there’s a plugin for that” mentality, which means we try to keep between 10-15 plugins at most. And finally, we never leave the client to figure out editing on their own, so we also include a list of How To Videos that can be found on our blog.

Progress reports for transparency and launching on time.

We always aim to provide a service that launches on time and with little-to-no-disruption. With our fortnightly progress report check-ins, we are all aware of what stage we are up to and what was to come ahead.

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“Helen from McLean Multimedia provided expert, prompt service and we successfully launched our new website for Landair Surveys with lots of additional features, on time.” – Erik Birzulis, Landair Surveys


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