Terminus Hotel Gig Posters
Terminus Hotel Pub / Bar Branding

Retro pub advertising.

The branding & identity system for The Terminus Hotel had to reflect the quirky and playful side of the pub itself. Being a social hub of activity, providing great local music and pub food to satisfy even the critics, The Terminus Hotel had a unique charm that needed to show through via its branding & assets.

With J.H Lynch & Tretchikoff framed prints, flocked fleur-de-lis wallpaper & arcade console tables scattered throughout the venue – tapping into the 1960s & 70s retro memorabilia was going to set the foundation of our design exploration.


Branding & Identity System Design
Gig Guide Advertising
Gig Poster Design
Merchandise Design

Terminus Hotel Tshirt Merchandise
The outcome was a Hot Wheel-esque logo that was synonymous with fun & playfulness, not taking oneself seriously and connecting with our inner-child, while the retro style font tied in with the location’s sub-culture art scene.
Terminus Hotel logo


111 Blackshaws Road,
Newport Victoria 3015

Phone: 03 9391 3111