About us.

We are a multidisciplinary design studio with the ability & resources to provide you with a range of creative & techie services, so that you needn’t outsource to a multitude of agencies.

We believe that knowing what to create must begin with why we are creating it. Understanding your business, your competitors and your clients will build a strong foundation for your project. Because it’s not only about the creative idea – but the creative business solution.

A little history about us.

McLean Multimedia was previously known as Limelight Design Studios, which was established in 1998. Clients we have worked with include NAB (Revitalisation project), Hobsons Bay City Council, City of Casey, Maribyrnong City Council, Women’s Health Victoria, Nava Homes, City Museum, Municipal Engineering Foundation Victoria and Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group Inc. to name a few.

City of Casey
Hobsons Bay City Council
International Social Services
National Australia Bank

A bit more history.

1998 seems like decades ago. Oh wait, that’s because it was! It seems as though that’s when the internet was born. Which it wasn’t, but in the grand scheme of the digital age it’s fairly close. For our amusement, below is a timeline of the history of McLean Multimedia / Limelight Design Studios, inline with the technological advances that took place over the decades. Enjoy!



Limelight Design Studios is renamed to McLean Multimedia.

Geek out: First major release of WordPress since 2003 including the new editor Gutenberg. Adobe to acquire Magento.



Our self-managed print portal is founded.



Geek out: Google, Yahoo! & Microsoft announce schema.orgFoundation & Bootstrap front-end frameworks introduced, to encourage consistency & standardisation across multiple web browsers.



We launch our in-house photography studio and increase our photographic capability for existing and future clients.

Geek out: Google Chrome web browser introduced.



The Limelight Design Studios website is re-developed to become fluid and responsive.

Geek out: Youtube founded and first video uploaded “Me at the zoo” by co-founder Jawed Karim. Adobe acquires Macromedia Dreamweaver.



Limelight Promotions Studio renamed to Limelight Design Studios and the limelightstudio.com.au website is launched.

Geek out: Firefox web browser is introduced (a spin-off from Mozilla), Facebook launches and responsive web design is introduced.



Geek out: The introduction of table-less web layouts and a shift towards div-based structures, as demonstrated by CSS Zen Garden. Myspace launches and this is the year of the initial release of WordPress.



We develop our 2nd & 3rd ever websites for pullins.com.au and wimsa.asn.au (Women in Motorsport Australia).

Geek out: Google Adwords is launched.



We partied like it’s nineteen ninety-nine, but we also developed our first website for akkia.com.au. This was a time when contact forms were known as “guest books” and the mouse-over gif animation was as dynamic as a website could get. (There was also scrolling text, but we stayed clear of that one).

Geek out: There are growing fears of the Y2K bug.



Limelight Promotions Studio was founded and the first website developed (we’re showing the 2nd version of the website from 2002).

Geek out: Mozilla browser was introduced by Netscape creators and the MSN Search Engine was also introduced.



The year before we began in 1998, was a big one for the age of digital…

Geek out: Search engine Google.com was created, it was the year that saw the introduction of CSS, and WYSIWYG software such as MS FrontPage (eeeek!) and Macromedia Dreamweaver. It was also the year that Olia Lialina experimented with the gif file format and created the first ever animated gif.



Geek out: The first web browsers come onto the scene, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer (the bane of many web developers!). It was also the introduction of search engines Yahoo! and Alta Vista.



Geek out: The first few hundred websites were created and published online.



Geek out: the year that the World Wide Web (www.) was born.


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