Website design & development in Melbourne’s West.

Gallery portfolio & case studies of work produced by McLean Multimedia.

Instil Botanical Alchemia.

Grass Graphix complete branding project

Owning 3 different brands offering similar products to similar target audiences was confusing and expensive to maintain. 

Landair Surveys.

Grass Graphix complete branding project

To get to any part of the website took up to 4 clicks! Therefore, a focus on making the site more user-friendly was paramount in the redesign.

Grass Graphix.

Grass Graphix complete branding project

Creating huge impact out on the field with grass logos and sign writing services in Victoria.

Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy

Anna Siljama Hypnotherapy branding case study

Standing out from the alternative options by projecting a strong and professional look.

Helping Melbourne businesses since 1998.

5 star rating website development agency Melbourne

“Helen at McLean Multimedia designed all of my branding from a questionnaire, that at the time seemed to be some strange questions that got me thinking…but clearly she knew what she was doing!
I’m so happy with the process from start to finish-the label design, the website & getting it up & running smoothly. Helen’s friendly, professional manner, creativity & vision is second to none.”
Jody Wood, Instil Botanical Alchemia


Newport Victoria 3015