Website design & development.

Whether your project is small, medium or enterprise, we begin all web development journeys by first understanding your marketing strategy including the purpose, objectives and target audience of the website. Also uncovering who your competitors are and what differentiates you from others that provide similar content, and what your unique selling and value propositions are. From this point we can go into detail of the functional requirements and navigational structure of your website. We will also go through maintenance and support options with you so you can feel confident knowing that your investment will remain in top condition.

Responsive and mobile-first design

Mobile-first & responsive design & development.

All websites developed by McLean Multimedia have a responsive layout and will cater for mobile devices, tablet devices and desktop computers. We maintain a balance between design & technology so that your website is innovative, easy to navigate and fast to load.

Site structure & page hierarchy.

Developing the website structure and page hierarchy begins with mapping out the customer journey through the site with a focus on logical next click and conversion goals. Understanding the user experience will help us create an intuitive and effective website structure. 

Website information architecture
Wireframing and protoyping

Wireframing and prototyping.

Before any development takes place, McLean Multimedia will first provide a wireframe of the website, which is a low fidelity outline showing the function and flow of the website, without colour, logos or text. Moving on from this stage, we provide a prototype of the website, which is a high fidelity version based on the design concept chosen. This will include client branding, styling and imagery.

Website & search engine optimisation.

With a well presented website that is user friendly, all that is required now is for the website to be search engine friendly and properly formatted. During this stage, McLean Multimedia perform keyword analysis for integration throughout the site, create best practice URL structures, input meta data (page titles & descriptions) and on-page structural elements (H1, H2, H3 headings).

If the website is being redeveloped, a website migration plan will be put into place and implemented prior to launch so that negative impact to existing search engine rankings is limited.

If you’ve read this far, well done – as it definitely can be overwhelming! Just know that you will be walked through the development process stage by stage, plus it will be well documented and explained for you.

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